BA degree in fashion design and garment construction from London international school of fashion 

After studying, I interned as a personal shopper but soon found myself on set steaming socks for a pizza commercial.  From the smallest details to layering colours and textures, I fell in love with creating worlds to tell a story. 

I have been working in the industry for 8 years, working on tv commercials, short stories and stills styling. 

I’m energetic and enthusiastic with a passion for working with others.  The collaborative aspect of the industry appeals to me and I appreciate how a group of people with different skill sets pull together to make a final product.

I’m naturally drawn to the quirkier things in life, but my aesthetic is adaptable and I’ve become known  for specialising in real life aesthetics. 

I’m an explorer and its safe to say I love a travel job.
I hold citizenship for both South Africa and the UK. 

I have done wardrobe and art direction for local and international directors but I have also worked in collaboration with international production designers. 

I have a widespread skill set and eye for unusual and unexpected things.  I am always trying to come up with creative solutions to execute a director’s vision.  I rely on my instincts as a leader and always put together a team of talented people to get the highest quality outcome.